Ep.99 | Finding Your Place with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Coach Eric discuss how to find your place on a new team. They cover the topic from the perspective of a rookie and a veteran/returning player, and how to support young players through the uncertainty as a parent and a coach.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys start this episode discussing the culture of hockey and the tragic passing of Ayr Centennials captain Eli Palfreyman. From there they discuss pre-season OHL hockey and the uncertainty that plagues most young players. Coach Andy and Eric address some of the common questions players might ask themselves – where do I fit in on this team? How do I stack up against the other players? Etc. Coach Andy outlines the importance of teaching kids the process of hockey especially in leagues with a large age gap from rookies to veterans. 

They move on to revisit the idea of standing out, and how to play to find your place on the team. For coaches and parents, Coach Andy gives his thoughts on how to be supportive through the mental grind that young players face and why patience, but NOT complacency, is valuable to development. 

They finish off touching on an important question for young kids to answer – what do you actually want? Do you want to be a hockey player? Or would it ‘be nice’ to be a hockey player? They show why the answer to this question will help you through any new environment, uncertain circumstances, or tough situations in the game.


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