Ep.97 | In-Season Training Tools with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Coach Eric cover how your training should change during the season. They breakdown how off-ice training should be structured at each age, the role of intention in your training, and how to continue your personal skill training around your team schedule.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open the episode with a brief plug for the Raising Men podcast they were recently invited to speak on. They discuss the concept of ‘raising men’ and what it means to be a high quality man. 

From there, they get into the topic of in-season training. They start off answering an email from a U11 coach asking about off-ice training for the U11 age group. Coach Andy leads off with his thoughts on training this age and a few tips to making off-ice workouts useful with a younger group. Coach Eric goes on to outline some general training principles that you should be following through the season when in the gym. He specifies the differences by age and level of experience. Coach Andy then revisits the necessity of INTENTION when you are training on or off the ice and how this can make or break your development.  

Finally, Coach Andy briefly discusses on-ice individual skill training during the season and how to fit this into the broader framework of your team schedule.


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