Ep.96 | The Brain Diet with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Coach Eric discuss training camps and moving away to play hockey. They cover how to prepare for camp, how to make an impact, the appropriate mental framework depending on your chances of making it, dealing with coaches, rookie/veteran dynamics, and preparing to move away!

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open this episode discussing music artists and the motivation/inspiration that can be found in following their greatness. They specifically talk about AC/DC and the lead guitarist Angus Young, his excellence, and what lessons everyone can take from this band. This leads to a more general discussion on motivation vs inspiration, how to find and apply it, and how to complete the task at hand when those feelings are absent. 

Coach Andy moves on to open up the topic of ‘The Brain Diet’. They spend the remainder of the episode explaining the necessity of quality inputs to your brain, the role of your environment, how to deal with difficult situations mentally, choosing your friends, and finally finishing on some advice for players and parents.


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