Ep.95 | Training Camp Questions with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Coach Eric discuss training camps and moving away to play hockey. They cover how to prepare for camp, how to make an impact, the appropriate mental framework depending on your chances of making it, dealing with coaches, rookie/veteran dynamics, and preparing to move away!

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Andy opens the episode discussing a recent podcast he listened to that included a story from former NHL Coach, Mike Milbury. He points out the importance of doing the little things right in order to leave your teammates and coaches with a positive opinion of you. 

From there, the boys move into the topic of training camps. They begin by outlining how to prepare for camp and make an impact on the game. They provide individual mental frameworks based on your chances of being selected to the team. From there, they discuss how to deal with coaches and team staff if you’re the new guy, and strategies to make yourself more comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Rookie and veteran roles are covered next before they close on moving away from home, billeting, and being mentally tough.


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