Ep.92 | Sticking to the Plan with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss how to STICK TO THE PLAN. Whether off-season workouts or on-ice training, the boys outline how to avoid overdoing it, where discipline applies and the ‘more isn’t always better’ principle, the common triggers that pull parents and players away from their progress, where the real differences makers are between the elite and the average.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open the episode announcing their integration with BioSteel Sports followed by a more philosophical discussion on a recent gift Coach Eric received.

Moving into the topic, Coach Eric explains the inspiration for this episode outlining a conversation he had with one of his players. He points out the tendency for players to overdue it with their on and off-ice training, and the ease with which they can be pulled away from their plan. They both touch on common reasons parents and players can feel the need to always do more, and how too much training of different types can actually HINDER your progress. They then take a brief tangent discussing the need for coaches and trainers to communicate their plans to one another to ensure an effective progression is followed for the individual player. 

Coach Andy and Eric then discuss where they feel the real difference is made between players, and the role of environment and mentorship in contributing to the success of young athletes.


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