Ep.91 | Summer Training Review with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric review PowerTech’s first big week of off-season training. They share perspectives on what you should look for in off-season coaching, how to structure programming, the importance of environment and brining energy, what ‘game applicable’ skills actually means, making adjustments based on the individual, and more!

Show Notes and Resources

The boys dive right into this episode discussing their first full week off comprehensive off-season programming on and off the ice. Using their sell-out ‘JR Experience Programs’, top of the line off-ice training, and Pro/College skates as reference, they discuss their coaching team, the PowerTech environment and why it’s important, and the need to have energy during training of any sort. 

Moving on, Coach Andy goes into detail on how he structures his on-ice programming and creates daily/weekly/monthly progressions. He discusses what it means to develop ‘game-applicable’ skills and not just as a slogan, and the necessity to adjust plans and training based on the individual client needs. He finishes off discussing the importance of building relationships as a coach/trainer to get the most out of players.    


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