Ep.90 | The NHL Draft with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric cover the NHL Draft. They review the 2022 NHL Draft selections, the media hype machine leading up to the draft, how to handle the circumstances as players and parents, different player development systems around the world, and more!

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open by reviewing the 2022 NHL Draft selections – particularly the first 4 picks. They spend time discussing the circumstances surrounding Shane Wright and his drop from the projected #1 pick to the Seattle Kraken’s 4th overall selection. Coach Andy and Eric dive into the media hype machine surrounding the draft and how to handle it as players, as well as the importance of adversity in dealing with the media. 

The move on to talk about the hockey player development systems in Canada and how it compares to other places – particularly the European system which had an exceptional first round showing this year. They touch on what it means to be a first round pick and how teams build their core group around this top talent. Transitioning back to the European development system, Coach Andy shares his thoughts on how this could benefit players everywhere and what it would take to start using this model in Canada. 



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