Ep.88 | NCAA vs CHL Revisited with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric revisit the big debate of NCAA vs OHL. They touch on the hockey specific factors that players should be weighing, and dig into the deeper levels that families should be considering when making the decision.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with a discussion on the sport of boxing and how people from all walks of life could benefit from the training style. Coach Andy touches on a local boxing club he recently visited, the fairness of the training, and the humility necessary to be successful. They wrap this topic back into the application to hockey players. 

Coach Andy moves on to the unbelievable story of Windsor Spitfires recent signee Noah Morneau. He shares some of Noah’s tragic backstory away from hockey, and his battle to sign as a 15th round OHL draft pick. In covering Noah’s incredible story, the boys come to the topic of NCAA vs OHL and the surrounding debate of which route is best. They revisit the hockey specific factors that should be weighed as players, and peel back the layers on come deeper considerations that families need to make.



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