Ep.87 | Coaches Corner I with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric cover coaching for beginners. They cover some general tips for inexperienced coaches, how to create team success, coaching different ages and skill levels, developing systems, coaching behind the bench, and more!

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with a discussion on the topic of physicality in hockey. The boys take a look at a study sent in by a listener to revisit the role of body-checking and what it means for injury in the sport. They make a few broader points about evaluating evidence and going to the source for information. 

Coach Andy moves on to talk about a recent documentary he’s been watching titled The Man In The Arena about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. He uses this to point out lessons on adversity and perseverance before leading into the topic of coaching. He outlines what it takes to build team success and how to focus on the bigger picture as an athlete, parent, or coach. 

From there, he and Eric give some general coaching guidelines for beginners looking to start in youth hockey. They provide guidance on coaching different age groups and skill levels, developing appropriate team systems, and how to coach behind the bench. The finish off with a general recipe for success with your players.



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