Ep.86 | When Boys Become Men with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss elements of the maturing process as boys become men. They cover the importance of being adaptable, living in the past, how young players mature through their teenage years, and how to become a reliable and responsible young man.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys start off the episode discussing the recent Guelph Storm coaching change. Coach Andy delves into how players can deal with the many changes that come with a life in hockey at the junior, college, or pro level and what your mental framework should be under these circumstances. 

Coach Andy moves on to discuss the reality of many former players ‘living in the past’ with hockey. He and Eric walk through a few strategies to deal with, accept, and move on from the ‘what ifs’ that many can struggle with in their life after hockey. 

From there, Coach Andy and Eric discuss one of their favorite parts of the job – watching boys turn into men. They cover this topic from many angles starting with the maturing process in general, growing out of the ‘cool guy’ teenage years, and learning to become reliable and take responsibility for yourself. They leave off with some practical steps young men can take to develop themselves and prepare for their adult life.



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