Ep.85 | Developing Into A Pro with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric run through several professional development tips for young hockey players. They touch on the role of hard work, mistakes that professionals make in their life away from their sport, why getting an edge early can make a huge difference, the importance of never being satisfied, the NHL combine, and other topics!  

Show Notes and Resources

This episode opens with an extended discussion on communication, social media, and the importance of being relatable with your audience. The boys move on to discuss the OHL playoffs and the role hitting and fighting has in hockey. 

From there, Coach Eric discusses the concept of hard work and some of the gaps that often come with the topic. He and Coach Andy outline some of the missing pieces that must be present to be a successful athlete (in addition to the quality of working hard) such as working smart and having a high skill level. Coach Andy then discusses a recent podcast with former NFLer and 2nd overall pick, Ryan Leaf, as an intro to common mistakes that professional athletes can make along their development path to the pros. Coach Eric discusses the advantage of getting an early edge at a young age in your sport and the opportunities that will come from it. Coach Andy points out how some athletes become satisfied thinking they ‘made it’ and how that can affect their outcomes, as well. 

Coach Andy finishes talking about the NHL combine, fitness testing, the interview process, and the mental framework that should go into each of these areas if you are at any team development camp. 



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