Ep.83 | Learning To Lose with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the player development process and the importance of learning how to lose. They cover everything from bouncing back from setbacks, to the common trope of ‘hating to lose’, learning how to lose, and other topics.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with a discussion on excellence and why it’s an important character trait to develop in any domain. They relate this to the current off-season development plans being assigned to clients at PowerTech, and how to go above and beyond in your efforts to progress. This leads the boys into how to set yourself up for success with a development plan from the fitness, nutrition, and recovery standpoint, as well as how to handle setbacks – a prelude to the later discussion. 

Coach Andy moves on to discuss labels in hockey. Differing from roles, he points out that players often are labeled with certain traits and can be put in a box in terms of developing other parts of their game. He and Eric go on to discuss the difference between labels and roles, and how you can still identify your role without limiting yourself.

From there, the boys go on to the topic of learning how to lose. Coach Eric begins by framing a common trope used in sport – “you need to hate to lose”. This sparks a discussion on what this phrase really means and whether or not it is a good teaching tool for young players. They finish discussing the importance of losing, how to use every loss as a tool for growth, and how your attitude around losing can affect your team and environment.



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