Ep.81 | When Less Is More with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the concept of ‘less is more’ vs ‘more is more’. They address where athletes tend to overdo it when it comes to on-ice and off-ice training, and what a better use of extra time and resources might look like if you’re looking to get better!

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with Coach Andy talking about his favourite book and some of the great lessons that can be learned from training your mindset. They go on to discuss the importance of fans and why treating people properly is so significant. Coach Eric then gives some advice to parents about nutrition habits for their young athletes before moving into the main topic of the episode. 

Coach Eric begins by outlining what he means by saying ‘less is more’. He and Andy go on to specify how this applies in off-ice training, and in on-ice training. They touch on parent mentality when it comes to their kids and making sure they are on the ice as much as possible, and some tips to have a mindset change. Conversely, they discuss where the idea of ‘more is more’ might actually be beneficial – recovery, environment, nutrition, etc.



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