Ep.80 | Preparing An Off-Season Plan with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric provide a framework for developing an off-season development plan. They discuss the factors you should take into account, how to personalize a plan, and setting yourself up for success on the ice, in the gym, in the kitchen, and recovering mentally and physically.

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Eric opens the episode with a few comments on social media videos and how young athletes and inexperienced parents can be led astray through bad guidance. He and Coach Andy discuss how to sift through the sexy videos and what really works if you want to improve. 

This leads into the topic of off-season training and how best to come up with a personalized plan. The boys lay out four steps to generating an appropriate plan, and the categories that require planning – on-ice, off-ice, nutrition, recovery, and mental training. They finish the episode discussing setbacks and the importance of prioritizing progress over perfection.  



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