Ep.78 | Puck Control Pro Tips with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric provide a framework for you to develop your puck control skills. They discuss everything from body position to practice techniques and outline where your attention should be focused to get actual in-game results.

Show Notes and Resources

The show opens with a discussion on young players looking to change positions. Coach Andy describes when it might be appropriate and how to think about playing different positions. 

From there, the boys dig into the topic of puck control. They first discuss why spending the time on each skill is key to progress – it’s not going to the right camp, having the right instructor, or the best equipment. Coach Andy goes on to discuss why he feels stickhandling is the easiest skill to progress. He explains the base position needed to handle the puck effectively and key techniques you need to keep in mind. Moving on, he gets into the technical skills you need to master for high quality puck control – feet up, eyes up, depth, /top hand control, weight transfers, balance, bottom hand movement, to name a few. 

With this framework, Coach Andy outlines the ‘slow smooth fast’ training philosophy and the foundations of puck control that you should work to master as a young player.



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