Ep.77 |Getting Out Of A Slump with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric outline a framework to help you get out of a slump! They discuss the topic from the player perspective, outline how coaching can help their players get through tough stretches during the season, and a few parenting tips for when your kid “slumps”.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with a quick mention of enjoying the process of playing as a player, and watching your kids as a parent. The years of minor and junior hockey fly by and you don’t want to get too caught up and miss the experience. 

From here, Coach Andy touches on a few recent controversies surrounding the OHLs Flint Firebirds and Niagara Ice Dogs. He and Eric take the opportunity to revisit the problems that come from using social media and carelessly running your mouth – whether you intend harm or not!

Getting into the topic, Coach Andy introduces the idea of a ‘slump’ and a mental framework that players can use to try and work out of it. Coach Eric goes on to describe what a slump actually looks like, and the metrics you should be using to measure it. They cover this from the individual and team perspective, and highlight the importance of having an identity for yourself (and your team) that you can fall back on when things don’t seem to be going your way. 

They branch into coaching and what strategies you can use to help your team get out of a slump. Finishing up, they leave with a few tips for parents in helping their kids get through the hard times on the ice.



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