Ep.76 |Preparing for Interviews with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric take a deep dive into the interview process for OHL, NCAA, or other junior hockey teams! They walk through how best to prepare yourself and walk through some of the common questions you can expect from a general manager, coach, or scout!

Show Notes and Resources

The boys begin this episode by reading a recent twitter thread from NHL Hall of Famer, Chris Pronger, bringing attention to how athletes handle their finances. They share some of the truth from the player perspective in terms of net money earned, and how young athletes can easily mismanage their money and be taken advantage of. 

From here, with the 2022 OHL Priority Selection just around the corner, Coach Andy begins to outline the OHL interview process and the mental framework that will serve you well in these situations. He and Eric briefly discuss the importance of presenting yourself well, before answering some of the common questions you can expect. Coach Andy and Coach Eric make it clear throughout the episode that the intent is to provide a FRAMEWORK FOR THINKING about these questions and your game – NOT to give you the “right” answers. 

Finishing up, Coach Andy leaves a few quick tips for parents to help their kids with this process.



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