Ep.75 | Managing Expectations with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric shed light on the reality of what it means to make it to the next level in hockey. They provide a framework for managing expectations, outline what the competition looks like in junior hockey, and how best to prepare for the reality of being a rookie.

Show Notes and Resources

This episode opens with Coach Andy and Coach Eric sharing insights from a few recent parent conversations outlining how to evaluate camps that are worth doing, motivations of trainers, the quality of training on and off the ice, and age appropriate training. They provide some guidance to assist parents that may be less experienced in navigating this space and the overwhelming amount of options you may come across. 

From there, the boys branch into the topic of managing expectations. Coach Andy begins with a few general words of advice to parents and players before moving into some of the stats you’re up against as a player looking to move on. For example, he touches on the reality that most OHL teams may have 1-2 roster spots available each season; of which, all current draft picks, past draft picks, over-agers, and walk-ons are all competing for. They discuss the mental battle rookies have to face, and what may seem like failure is simply part of the development process. Coach Andy goes on to provide a framework for understanding the development gap between 16 to 21 years old, and the reality of playing against older, more experienced players. 

They finish up providing some examples of current OHL stars and what their first year looked like as OHL rookies.



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