Ep.74 | Bad Hockey Player Habits with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the bad habits hockey players can develop both at and away from the rink. Everything from bad body language to poor performance in school, they cover all of the common behaviors and character traits that you need to stay away from!

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open with an extended discussion on Exceptional Status in the CHL and what it really means for players that may receive that designation. They look at both the player development side, and the motivation of the CHL in granting this status to players that apply. 

From here, Coach Eric branches into the topic of bad habits in hockey – not just from the playing perspective, but in all areas of life. They start by discussing skills specific to on-ice play that can be detrimental before moving to on-ice behaviors. In this segment, they discuss everything from bad body language to ‘style points’ and where players may lose focus of what’s truly important. From there, they shift to habits away from the rink and finish off discussing overconfidence, the way hockey players are perceived to treat other people, partying lifestyle, jealousy, and excuse making. 



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