Ep.73 | Life On The Road with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss being on the road and what you need to consider to be prepared as a hockey player. They cover minor hockey weekend trips, the parent perspective on traveling, what to do as a player at the junior level, and more!

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with a recap of a recent PowerTech camp run by Coach Andy. He and Eric discuss what they saw from the kids in terms of their coachability, effort level, and willingness to be corrected. They also explain the importance of attention to detail and coaching different personalities.

From there, Coach Eric goes on to outline the topic of being on the road. He explains that being an elite athlete, you will seldom have ideal circumstances in terms of nutrition, sleep, and travel time. The boys spend a significant amount of time discussing the reality of the travel schedule at all levels and give some tips to help you stay on track. They also provide some advice to parents on what to keep in mind on road trips. 

Moving away from the performance considerations, they wrap up discussing some of the behavior issues and distractions that can come up when you’re on the road. They touch on everything from video games to cell phone use and point out where you could run into issues if you’re not thinking critically.  



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