Ep.72 | Understanding Your Coach with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric outline a framework you can use to help better understand your coach! There are many consistent disconnects between coaches, players, and parents, and the boys use this episode to address some of the most common among them!

Show Notes and Resources

The boys lead off by discussing the idea of being ‘well-rounded’ and how it may help or hurt athletes trying to become elite. From here, Coach Andy breaks into a conversation about youth hockey parents and issues with players not focusing during practice. 

Getting into the meat of this episode, Coach Eric sets the stage by discussing the common issue of disconnect occurring between coaches, players, and parents. He and Coach Andy outline a few common questions that players may have such as “why does coach keep changing the lines?”, or “why won’t he give me a powerplay opportunity”, among others. Coach Eric then asks Andy a few questions to better understand the coach’s perspective. From there, they move on to outline a few other considerations that the coach may have to make that parents and players don’t necessarily see. The wrap up by directly addressing some of the most common points of frustration you might have with your coach!



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