Ep.71 | Being Tough with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the hot topic of “being tough” in hockey. They cover how to keep toughness age appropriate, how to keep a game in control, the role of fighting, the true qualities of a tough player, and the different types of toughness!

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open by answering a member’s question on how to watch hockey. They discuss the difference between watching as a fan and watching to learn. 

After that, they move into the topic of toughness in hockey. Coach Andy and Eric begin by discussing fighting at the minor level, and what (if any) role it plays in youth hockey. This branches into a discussion on how to keep a game from getting out of hand as a ref, coach, parent, and player. From here, they discuss how to protect yourself as a player in all aspects of the game. 

They then move on to touch on the concept of a tough player, and how most people think of the word ‘tough’. Looking at the old fighters of the past, they reference the fact that many tough guys still could play the game, and how the ability to fight is just one element of toughness. Coach Andy then outlines what he believes it means to be tough, and Coach Eric follows with a few thoughts of his own. They wrap up discussing how to learn toughness in the sport, and the different forms that are critical to your success.



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