Ep.70 | Training With Intention with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the importance of training intention and having a purpose. They cover hockey specific training modalities, the purpose of off-ice training, the force-velocity curve, the ‘it depends’ principle, and more.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with a shout out to a pair of longtime PowerTech clients for landing a NCAA DI scholarship. They touch on some of the key factors leading to their great accomplishment and what others can take away from the story of their journey. Coach Andy branches from this into the story of hockey legend Jaromir Jagr with an extended discussion on his dedication to the sport and unique yet purposeful training protocols. 

The boys move on to outline the amount of opportunity young players have to focus and improve in team practices, training, and daily tasks that may not seem obvious. For example, they highlight how focusing intensely on one or two things in each practice can make a ton of difference in the long term. From there, Coach Eric discusses several off-ice training modalities for hockey players and how to think about optimizing each area. He points out the differences between training for sport and training for aesthetics, and briefly outlines the force-velocity curve as a way for athletes to think about their training methods. Finishing up, Coach Eric defines what he calls the ‘it depends’ principle and explains how to apply it to get better in any domain. 


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