Ep.69 | There Is No Recipe with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the fact that there is no recipe for success in hockey. From different training systems to parenting’ tactics, the boys explore several examples to demonstrate there is no step-by-step process or pattern you can follow to make it in the game.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open the episode by answering a question from a member on the topic of trash talk. They discuss the different types, when it can be effective (if at all), how to handle the chirps, and a mental framework for players and parents around trash talk in hockey. 

From there, Coach Andy and Eric discuss recent conversations they each have had with parents looking for the best way to navigate the hockey world in developing their kids. They both explain how there is no recipe or ‘how to’ guide for excelling in the sport, or being noticed. They cover several examples of players who have used different training systems (ie: Connor McDavid with PEP, Auston Matthews with 3on3, Aaron Ekblad with PowerTech) and where parents can get caught up thinking those methods were the difference maker. Similarly, the discuss other common distractions that players and parents can get caught up in thinking it will be the difference maker. 

Moving on, Coach Andy discusses a few personal examples of NHLers he has trained who have taken very different paths to get the same result. He also references current OHL and NHL players that provide a similar story. Closing out, they boys emphasize the importance of learning how to play the game properly because that is ultimately what will get you noticed at higher levels. For parents, Coach Andy explains that the only thing a parent can do to help their kid is provide opportunity, be supportive, and help share a quality development environment on a daily basis.   



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