Ep.63 | Dealing With Dad with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss how best to deal with parent behavior that may be detrimental to your hockey performance. They outline several steps young players can take to try and make the situation better, and address parents directly about the potentially negative impact of their actions.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open this episode with a discussion on belief coming from Phil Knight, founder of the multi-billion dollar company Nike. This leads to a discussion on common struggles people have while trying to make positive changes in their lives, and how the power of belief can help. 

From here, they answer a few quick questions:

  1. Is it ever okay to talk back to the coach?
  2. What types of roles can hockey players have?
  3. How do I deal with my dad putting excessive pressure on me to perform?

The last question provides the framework for the rest of the podcast. Coach Andy and Eric cover how to dissect the situation to come up with a strategy to improve the situation. They first delineate between situations of abuse versus merely undesirable, and follow by given steps young players can take to solve the problem. They also touch on the role of mental toughness, and how to remove some of the emotion from dealing with your dad, in particular.  

Moving on, they shift their focus to the parents and throw out ideas on why mom and dad can get so easily caught up in their child’s sports. They directly address some of the common behaviors that are simply unacceptable and the importance of self-awareness in these situations. They finish off by talking about the role and opportunity a parent has in the development of their child.



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