Ep.60 | Late Birthdays and Bloomers with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss late birthdays and bloomers in hockey. They cover the progression of young players who might start out behind due to the late birthday, the lessons players and parents can learn from developing later (or earlier), and some OHL and NHL examples of top players who were ‘late bloomers’. 

Show Notes and Resources

The boys started off discussing a recent criticism of Coach Eric as it relates to advice and coaching. Coach Andy and Eric go on to discuss their philosophy on training players, parents, and coaches, and the reasons behind their teaching style. This branches into another question on when parents should step in to talk to the coach. 

From here, Coach Andy introduces the topic on late birthdays and late bloomers and some of the gaps in development and adversity they might face early on. He outlines how to parent and coach around this topic whether your child is born early, or late in the year. He gives several examples of NHL players in this situation – late birthdays or late round picks. They discuss the gritty nature of players that are forced to fight to keep up in their early development.    

Coach Andy closes by discussing the reality that no one knows who will make it, so it’s important to keep working regardless of your circumstances. Though there are patterns that can be identified among late and early birthdays/bloomers, there is overlap and exceptions to every rule. Do the right things and give yourself the best chance at making the next level, regardless of circumstance!



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