Ep.59 | The Meaning of Maturity in Hockey with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the concept of ‘maturity’ in hockey, and as an athlete. They expand on the concept in terms of on-ice play and away from the rink, as well as how to be mature as a parent while facilitating the development of your child.

Show Notes and Resources

Starting off on a deeper note, Coach Eric discusses the common trope “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game’, and what it means from a more philosophical perspective. He references popular Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson in describing why this idea is so common. 

From there, Coach Andy branches into a discussion on a recent staged fight that happened in the OHL. He shared his thoughts on showboating more broadly, and why this may not be the best character trait to have as an elite athlete. This leads to a more in-depth discussion on the evolution of hockey players through junior, and how the system creates polished athletes that truly understand how to play the game. They relate this to minor hockey and how to properly prepare yourself for the next level by identifying and developing your ‘role’ in the game. 

The conversation goes on to the main topic of maturity in hockey. Coach Andy starts by touching on qualities young players have away from the rink and how to properly present yourself in the public eye. He and Eric share their perspectives on professionalism, why it’s important, and how to parent using this idea. Along the same lines,, they discuss what it means to be mature from a parent perspective including communication with your kids, how you are presenting yourself in public, and behaviour while at the rink. They close out this segment going back to the players and discussing what maturity in terms of on-ice play. 

Closing out, Coach Andy discusses the reality of what parents will need to deal with if/when their child moves away. He outlines some steps you can take to prepare, and what strategies he uses to parent from a distance. 



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