Ep.58 | Coaching Communication with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss effective communication methods from the coaching perspective. They cover team dynamics, arrogance in coaching, how to set up your team from day one, and much more!

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with a quick discussion on high school hockey in Canada, and Ontario in particular. Coach Andy and Eric each share their thoughts on playing for your high school team, and the potential drawbacks that can come from it. This branches into a quick touch on last week’s topic = physicality in hockey. Coach Andy makes a few points of clarification on how important it is to engage in the physical side of the game. 

From there, Coach Andy shares an old coaching story of Mike Milbury and the Boston Bruins. They reflect on old coaching styles and how coaches are changing in the game today. This sets the stage for a deeper dive on coaching communication and the various factors to consider when you are the coach. The boys spend significant time discussing the problem of arrogance in coaching, and how to stay conscientious when you are in that position. 

Coach Andy moves on to outline the role of a coach from a communication perspective, and the qualities you should aim to hold when you run a team. He covers the importance of having clear and concise messaging, how to judge yourself as a coach, and having a plan/structure for your team. Being ‘fair’ vs. ‘equal’ as a coach is also discussed. They both share their opinions on approachability and why the coach should reach out first when it comes to speaking with players. They finish up with how to set up your team from day one (from a communication standpoint), different communication styles, player personalities, and how to read your team.



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