Ep.57 | The Physicality in Hockey with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss everything to do with the physical part of hockey. They cover giving and receiving hits, tips for coaching body checking, tips for players to become more physical, fighting, and more!

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Andy opens the episode with a quick discussion on communication between coaches and players. He briefly covers how important it is to take the time to go talk to your coach, the approach to take as a player and the potential benefits, and the necessity for coaches to be effective communicators and be approachable. 

From here, the boys go on to answer a few subscriber questions – the first, ‘should you play to win, or play to get noticed?’, and the second, ‘how do we help young players embrace the contact part of the game?’.  The latter provides the basis of this episode, and Coach Andy and Eric go on to deep dive into the physicality in hockey. 

They start off outlining some of reasons players might be tentative and how coaches can identify these issues. The boys also cover how to handle receiving a hit, how to give a hit, and ways to identify different hits in different circumstances. Coach Andy also provides coaching queues for each of these scenarios and the utility of using video to teach yourself and your players. Concluding the segment, they discuss how coaches can handle players that just won’t embrace the physical part of the game. This branches into a conversation on some of the technical parts of hitting, and former players that were great at it. They also touch on fighting and how it applies to all players moving on to higher levels. 

Finishing up, the boys cover three take home tips to start becoming more physical in-game. 



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