Ep.56 | Hockey: Past, Present, and Future with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the past, present, and future of hockey. They go into detail on how the game originated, the evolution of the rules, today’s game, and where hockey is going in the future.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with a lesson on a common trope “Someone is always watching”. Coach Andy and Eric both weigh in on what this means and why young players need to keep this idea in mind while striving to become an elite athlete. 

Coach Andy moves on to discuss a recent podcast appearance he made sharing old OHL stories (Podcast Name: ‘OHL Stories with Andy and Darryl Paquette’). He reminisces about his playing days and how much the game has changed. This leads into a conversation on the history of hockey, where the game came from, and how it evolved to where it is today. Topics like the country of origin, the original combination of golf, stick and ball games, and rugby used to create the base of the game, and the evolution of the rules through the 1900s up to present day. 

Following this, the boys discuss hockey in its current state and where they both think the game is going, They touch on the barriers to playing today, and the ‘human’ aspect of hockey that makes it so engaging to be a part of. 



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