Ep.55 | Responding to Comments with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric respond to your comments! They cover everything from becoming a pro to parenting mentalities in the hopes of clearing up some of the common misconceptions in the hockey world.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with the boys talking about the purpose of the podcast and how it’s been evolving over time, followed by a shoutout to the OHLs Guelph Storm – Coach Andy’s favourite team!

Following the usual shoot-the-shit, Coach Andy and Eric move on to respond to your comments on social media. Topics include:

  • Thoughts on how build confidence
  • Parents paying so their kid ‘makes it’
  • The amazing skill level of NHL pros
  • Minor hockey being thought of as a ‘business’
  • Soft parenting and mental health
  • NCAA vs. OHL
  • How smaller players can stand out
  • Pregame routines
  • Partying lifestyle



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