Ep.54 | Passing and Shooting Pro Tips with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy provides a one stop shop for all things passing and shooting. He and Eric discuss the correct way to practice these skills, details on the proper mechanics, and how to effectively translate these skills in-game!

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with the usual off-topic discussion – this time Eric shares some interesting facts about playing cards and the concept of extremely large (and small) numbers in math and science.

Coach Andy goes on to start the passing/shooting workshop with an outline of proper practice – that is, practicing in non-ideal conditions to better mimic game situations. He touches on the role of both the passer and receiver, and how to be an effective passer in a real game. He also touches on some auxiliary skills that are very important like deception and backhand skills.

As a brief interlude, Coach Eric discusses the intentional vs. mindless practice and how to effectively ask yourself questions to optimize the learning curve.

This leads the boys into shooting where they provide a similar framework to shooting. They also discuss top NHLers and how you can learn from the best to become a high-quality shooter in-game. Coach Andy finished with some take home tips to help improve your shot!



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