Ep.52 | Preparing for Life After Hockey with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the transition to life after hockey. They both touch on their own experiences moving on from the game, and what lessons young players should be learning to prepare for the real world outside of sport.

Show Notes and Resources

The discussion opens with a discussion on parenting youth sports, the motivations of parents, and what the purpose of sports should be for kids. Coach Andy discusses why you must truly enjoy watching your kids while they’re young, and the benefits that you may not even notice while you’re in it. For parents, Coach Andy discusses how to be supportive through the tough times, and how to provide valuable guidance to your children.

This leads to a deeper discussion on the point of hockey and why it can be so valuable to kids even if they don’t move on to be professionals. Eric and Andy both touch on their own experience and how hockey has helped prepare them for life. They go into detail on how many hockey players never grow up and miss valuable lessons that could have helped get them ready for transitioning out of hockey. From here, they site a few examples of players that turned into exceptional people after hockey, and what lessons you can pull out of the game.



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