Ep.51 | The Path of a Rookie with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric outline the path of a rookie going through their first year of junior hockey. They discuss the circumstances most rookies will have to deal with, the newness of moving to a higher level, what your expectations should be in your first year, and how to avoid the mental traps that are sure to come up.

Show Notes and Resources

This episode opens on the topic of ‘blanket statements’ and the problem with giving generic, general, of overstatement advice to young athletes as they are developing in hockey. From that topic, the boys move to a discussion on parenting and the ‘soft generation’ that so many people talk about today. They touch on the attitude of parents and young players and where the softness comes from.

Coach Andy moves on to introduce the idea of being a rookie and what that means at the higher levels. They move on to take a deep dive into the role of a rookie, what you should expect in terms of on-ice play and off-ice lifestyle, and how to properly prepare to be on the low end of the totem pole. Coach Andy mentions how important it is not overestimate yourself, nor underestimate how good other players are. He outlines how junior hockey can be a 4-5 year development process and details what ‘the process’ actually means.

In closing, the boys wrap up on topics like mindset, developing a foundation for yourself, and learning to understand the game within the game in your early years of junior.



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