Ep.50 | NCAA vs. CHL with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric cover the common debate between the NCAA and CHL route in hockey. Referencing listener questions, the boys share their thoughts on how to make the decision, the benefits and drawbacks of each path, and other factors you should consider when pursuing NCAA vs. the CHL.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open the episode touching on youth hockey and what is appropriate in terms of on-ice training for very young players. Coach Andy talks about the importance of actually playing the game and not getting bogged down in training methods or skill development. The discussion evolves to cover the serious turn in hockey that occurs around the age of 15 and the various paths players can take as they move up in the game – most significantly, NCAA and the CHL.

This leads to the episode topic of NCAA vs. the CHL and some common questions and misconceptions that parents and players have in choosing a path. They discuss the difficulty of getting a full-ride scholarship, the similarities and differences between the NCAA and the OHL, who might be better suited for each path, factors to help decide, and other related topics!



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