Ep.49 | Why Didn't You Make It? with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric analyze their own players careers and discuss some of the key factors leading to them coming up short on their ultimate goal. They cover the mental and physical side of game, and what aspects they could and could not control. This is a great episode to help young players avoid some needless mistakes.

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Andy and Eric spend this episode talking about legitimate reasons why players (including themselves) who may have been good enough, still didn’t make it pro.

Coach Andy begins with a bit of his backstory and hockey journey through the OHL. He discusses the type of player he was and where he may have been lacking from physical to mental characteristics. He discusses his physical limitations, training history, mental toughness considerations, and how he might have improved his situation if he could go back and do it again.

Coach Eric follows discussing a bit of his own story and where he went wrong in his development journey. He touches on additional topics such as improper nutrition/training, and other distractions away from the rink that may have been detrimental.

Too close, the boys emphasize that this analysis is not for purposes of making excuses, rather to identify and provide pointers for young players to correct their own mistakes.



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