Ep.48 | Benefits of Being Extreme with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric use Navy Seal concepts to discuss the benefits of having extreme habits. Becoming exceptional requires sacrifice, and there is no better example of properly developing the characteristics needed than those developed in military training. The boys site several quotes and mentors to describe the traits you should work towards en route to making the next level.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open with a discussion on some examples of the worlds best in areas outside of hockey – the band ZZ Top and Mardy Fish a U.S. tennis player. They discuss the level of commitment and sacrifice necessary to excel in any domain and what we can learn from successful people outside of hockey.

Branching from this, the boys dive into a conversation on the benefits of have ‘extreme’ habits. In a world where everyone lives by ‘everything in moderation’, the boys cover their fundamental disagreement with this philosophy and where a more extreme view (when appropriate) is necessary. The use many references to lessons taught by Navy SEALs to explain some important principles you can apply to your own life – namely, consistency, sacrifice, commitment, to name a few.

In closing, the boys discuss what “working hard” really means, and a rebuttal to the ‘have more balance’ trope.



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