Ep.46 | 2021 OHL Camps Wrap Up with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric wrap up this year’s OHL training camps. They start with a great story on a 12th round pick signing out of camp, and go on to discuss the big differences young players can expect when making the jump to the OHL.

Show Notes and Resources

With the 2021 OHL Main Camps coming to a close, Coach Andy and Eric sit down to reflect on what these camps mean, and the process of maturing through hockey. They begin with a summary of the development process and how young players must stay patient in their early years of junior. Relating to the draft, they talk about the importance of what round a player is selected in, and the opportunities you may or may not receive.

The discussion moves on to cover the importance of ‘mindset’ and how to work smart towards improving your game. Coach Andy also provides some tips on how to optimize your own development and how to use your resources effectively.

They close out touching on the ‘trust the process’ slogan and how players can frame this idea to stay on the right track mentally when things don’t seem to be going well.



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