Ep.43 | Making A Junior Hockey Team with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss what it takes to make it to the next level in hockey. They detail the character traits players need to be noticed, skills to add to your game on the ice, elements you should look to display in training camp, and how parents can better aid their kids along the development path.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open by revisiting the concept of skill work and how having purpose is the key to optimizing your training. They discuss various mental tools that players can use to be intentional during their practice sessions. For hockey players specifically, Coach Andy touches on how this will give you more opportunities especially as you approach the junior hockey years.

Branching from this, Coach Andy dives into the topic of what it takes to make a junior team. He covers what teams and coaches are looking for, and where the gaps are in young players today. He discusses the desire to ‘fit in’ on a team, and how young players focus much of their attention on ‘being a beauty’, the unfairness of hockey by nature, and the benefits of excelling early in your hockey career.

They close with a on-ice tips and a few takeaways for coaches.



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