Ep.42 | Why Have A "Good" Attitude? with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric cover the importance of having a “good” attitude, especially as a young player. They first define what it means to have a good attitude, the reasons why it is important as you develop, and how parents and coaches can help their players in this area.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode opens with Coach Andy discussing the importance of reading and learning to communicate effectively. This leads to a conversation on attitudes and how coaches/parents (and people in general) must adjust to the attitudes of people around in order to be successful.

Branching from this, the boys stick on the concept of attitude for the remainder of the podcast outlining what it means to have a good attitude, how you can improve your attitude, what opportunities this can get you on the ice, and how this applies to hockey players specifically.

They finish off touching on the concept of gratitude and intention and how making this a simple daily practice can improve your overall outlook in all aspects of life.



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