Ep.40 | Training Attitudes and Mentality with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the different mentalities they find in training young players and professionals. From training and teammates to parents and coaches, the boys cover a variety of topics on how you should approach the game mentally. To close they touch on speed training and power skating questions.

Show Notes and Resources

The boys open the episode briefly touching on the 2021 NHL Draft and the work players must put in away from the rink to be considered. This leads them into a discussion on training on and off the ice and the mentalities many young players carry in these environments.

Coach Andy explains the importance of being honest with yourself to address deficiencies, and how parents/coaches can be helpful in facilitating the development of their kids. They move on the discuss more detailed aspects of off-ice training.

The conversations then shifts to focus mostly on attitude and what they see in the hockey environment. They cover attitudes players have towards each other, the role your environment plays in shaping your attitude, and some of the common moves parents make to try and get their kids the ‘best’ training.


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