Ep.37 | Coaching 101 with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric cover the ins and outs of coaching from the minor hockey to junior level. Coach Andy recounts some of his own coaching experience in discussing how to come up with a team identity, how to properly communicate with players, and how to come up with practice plans to fit your team.

Show Notes and Resources

This episode opens with Eric explaining his “it depends” theory, and how it applies to answering important questions with intelligent answers.

Coach Andy branches from this into an overview of coaching, the purpose of coaching, and how to be the leader of a team. He then covers how to evaluate your roster to develop a team identity, and how to fit each player to a role within your philosophy. He then moves on to cover the important topic of communication as a coach and how to inspire your players. Touching on topics like storytelling and attempts at motivational type speaking, Coach Andy discusses how to find your identity as a coach and using resources to improve your coaching style.

Moving into on-ice play, Coach Andy goes over practice plans, when/where skill work comes into team development, and how to start implementing ‘systems’ within your team.

Finishing off, Coach Andy covers how to coach behind the bench during the game. He describes what the role of a coach is in-game, and how to be an effective leader with your players on the fly.


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