Ep.36 | Do You Need An Agent with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric cover the hot topic of “agents”, especially in minor hockey. They discuss the role of an agent, what their role is in the game, what agents DON’T do, red flags when seeking out an agent, who actually needs an agent, and more!

Show Notes and Resources

The conversation opens with Coach Andy and Eric revisiting the topic of crazy parents in minor hockey. They discuss the general lack of knowledge that most parents have, and what to look for from people who purport to know the business side of the game.

From this, the boys branch into an overview of agents and the types of people who you might find within the industry. They cover how to evaluate a quality agent and the common red flags you should look out for. They additionally touch on the role of an agent in hockey – what they do, and more importantly what they DON’T do.

They finish up discussing what types of players might need an agent and when it is appropriate to have representation in your career.


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