Ep.34 | Becoming A Competitor with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss the importance of competition and how to become a competitor. They cover the topic of ‘superteams’ and the negatives that can come from always winning, how to create a winnable battle even on a below average team, and how to learn and develop your own compete level.

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Andy starts off the episode revisiting the topic of agents in hockey and where they can be useful for players. He goes on to share a particular interview question that OHL teams can ask players leading up to the draft.

This leads the boys into an extended discussion on what it means to be a competitor in sports. They describe the concept of ‘being a gamer’ and use a few NHL players as examples.

Scaling down to minor hockey, they cover the ‘superteams’ that many AAA organizations will try to create, and how this can positively or negatively impact the development of young players. They also touch on the increasing phenomenon of young kids moving to change teams.

The boys finish up outlining how to develop yourself into a competitor and what habits you can implement today to make sure you’re on the right track.


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