Ep.33 | 2021 OHL Draft Wrap-Up with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric have a wrap up discussion on the 2021 OHL Priority Selection. They cover Coach Andy’s experience going through it with his son, what players can expect for next year whether they were drafted or not, and a reflection on what parents should take away from this experience.

Show Notes and Resources

This episode wrap up and reviews the 2021 OHL Priority Selection and what it means for players both drafted and undrafted.

Coach Andy starts off discussing how players get drafted and how you can remove any doubts about your ability on the ice. He then touches on the experience of his son going through the draft, the disappointments that come from the draft, and what the OHL teams think about their draft picks.

The boys go on to cover where players are most likely to play their midget season, and what the expectations should be heading into your first year of junior.

They finish up with a conversation about the parenting role and how it can affect your son leading up to and going through the draft.


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