Ep.32 | Athlete Performance Nutrition with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric outline the principles needed to have a quality nutrition regimen as an athlete. They cover general nourishment guidelines surrounding your food choices, how to create better eating habits, and how to structure a gameday protocol for yourself.

Show Notes and Resources

The episode starts with a discussion on the concept of ‘taking care of yourself’ and how many people miss the mark with how they treat their body and mind. This leads Eric to begin talking about the basics of nutrition for the general population and how to properly nourish yourself for optimal function.

Coach Andy and Eric move on to specify the details of nutrition as it applies to athletes and hockey player, in particular. They cover foundational principles you should follow when it comes to fuelling performance including the types of food players should consume, hydration protocols, and how to eat on rest days.

They finish with an outline of a gameday eating schedule and sample meals, before leaving with a few key takeaways.


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