Ep.3 | Creating Your Future Through Hockey with Dr. Derek Lanoue

Coach Andy discusses balancing school with hockey and the importance of a backup plan with Dr. Derek Lanoue. Learn how to succeed in academics and athletics. Here you’ll find tips to manage time effectively, how to use hockey to pay for education, habits hockey teaches for success, and how coaches and parents can help guide the athlete.

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Dr. Derek Lanoue, University of Ottawa

Dr. Derek Lanoue is a recent graduate of the University of Ottawa School of Medicine, currently practicing in Ottawa, Ontario. He was a 2009-10 Memorial Cup winner with the Windsor Spitfires of the Ontario Hockey League, and back-to-back winner of the OHL’s Roger Neilson Award as the top academic player in 2009 and 2010. Dr. Lanoue finished his hockey career with the University of Windsor where he earned a CIS Academic All Canadian Award.

Demonstrating outstanding performance in academics and athletics, Dr. Lanoue is a phenomenal example of using hockey as an invaluable development tool to succeed in life.

In this episode, Dr. Lanoue talks about how how to excel on the ice and in the classroom. He recounts his own personal story while outlining the habits hockey teaches for success.

Dr. Lanoue compares the setbacks he faced while pursuing hockey, with his quest to become a medical doctor. He explains that both hockey and the ‘real-world’ present opportunities, but also challenges that may set you back. When you encounter setbacks or challenges, it is important to regroup, ask yourself questions, and analyze where you need to be better. Becoming a student in order to learn, grow, and overcome adversity is a key strategy in working towards success in any endeavour.

Dr. Lanoue details how hockey played a key role in preparing him for medical school. In both worlds, there are circumstances that are not ideal and things you don’t want to do. Often times it will not be easy overcome certain situations or perform certain tasks, but they are necessary parts of the learning process required to grow as a person.

Two key lessons Dr. Lanoue took from his time in hockey was the value of teamwork and failure.
Teamwork – At some point in your life, it will be required that you work with other people in some kind of team setting. You have to learn to identify your role within the group, and how your strengths can contribute to team success. Dr. Lanoue identifies this as a skill many are lacking, which gave him an edge in overall performance. He remarks that understanding his role as a rookie hockey player helped him adjust appropriately as a ‘rookie’ doctor.
Failure – Nobody wins all the time; at some point you will fail or, at the very least, someone will be better than you in a certain area. Learning how to handle failure is a unique skill that enables the ability to bounce-back and push harder towards becoming better. Dr. Lanoue identifies handling setbacks as another ability of vital importance for success in your life.

Dr. Lanoue concludes with a discussion on his decision to play in the OHL over the NCAA. He also touches on how he dealt with the pressures of the hockey environment, managed time, and maintained excellent grades through university.

Enjoy this episode with Dr. Derek Lanoue!