Ep.24 | The OHL/Team Interview Process with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric outline some quick tips for handling a team interview. The interview process can make all the difference in capitalizing on an opportunity. Practicing the ability to have an adult conversation and communicate well articulated responses can make or break an athlete. Whether the CHL, NCAA, or any other junior or professional team, the boys cover some of the common questions’ players will be asked by coaches/management and how to come up with appropriate answers.

Show Notes and Resources

This episode goes over all the details of being interviewed by a team.

They boys start with some general tips and what you should know about yourself and the team going into your interview. This leads Coach Andy into a detailed discussion about understanding your identity as a player and how to create a ‘theme’ for yourself. Coach Andy then covers some of the common questions you could be asked by an OHL team leading up to the draft.

Wrapping up, the boys touch on player attitudes, and how parents and coaches can help prepare young players for their interview.


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