Ep.22 | Being A Pro Hockey Player with Dalton Prout

In this episode, Coach Andy is joined by recently retired NHLer and 10-year professional hockey player, Dalton Prout. The two discuss Dalton’s path to become a pro, the key steps to get there, and tips on how parents and coaches can better facilitate the development of young players.

Show Notes and Resources

Opening the episode, Dalton talks about moving into retirement after his 10-year career. He talks about some injuries and changes in the game that led to his decision.

Dalton and Coach Andy go on to talk about some of the mental struggles facing a pro hockey player, and how to deal with the stressors of being a ‘boots on the ground’ player in the NHL. Dalton discusses his mindset and motivation, being uncompromising in trying to achieve your goals, and how to get yourself conditioned away from the rink to be a pro.

In closing, the boys talk about what Dalton would do differently as a player, and what upcoming players can take away from his career.


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