Ep.21 | Playing the Long Game with Coach Andy

In this episode, Coach Andy and Eric discuss what it means to “play the long game”. By keeping long terms goals as the primary driver in life, young athletes will be better equipped to make good decisions that positively shape their future. The two discuss how this can be accomplished, some of the major decisions young hockey players will face, and how to use hockey as a vehicle for a great future outside of the game.

Show Notes and Resources

Coach Andy begins by describing the book “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman and how it relates to the concept of success. He and Eric touch on the meaning of, and how the average person values success in terms of monetary gains over most other metrics.

This leads into a discussion the “playing the long game” when thinking about your training and how to improve in your craft. They point out how long life really is, and how much time one has to sort out their path. The boys go on to outline some of the principles that you might find useful in thinking long term. Coach Andy explains the process one should use to determine what their needs are as a hockey player (at and away from the rink), how to properly train, and being intelligent about having a ‘back up plan’.

For hockey and life, the framework provided here will put you on a better track towards achieve your goals.


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